Jayne and Kallum’s run for DFSG

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October 02, 2014 at 11:01 AM

picture_02.pngIt was an icy cold start! My 5K run started at 10.30 and for the first part of the race I was running against the bitter cold wind, but I really enjoyed doing my first run. I pretty much jogged at a slow pace the whole way, and for a self-confessed non runner, I was buzzing knowing it was for a good cause and really pleased to complete it.

Next was Kallum’s race, the 1.5km, which I ran with him. We really wanted to give something back to the group, so we were really pleased to do the run for DFSG and proud to wear the T-shirt. The weather was still bitterly cold but running against that cold wind didn't stop Kallum. To be fair, Kallum can run at a much faster pace than me and over the last stretch he left me for dust, which was only slightly embarrassing running the children's race on my own!

Next up were Bradley, Corey and Dylan for their race, the 2.5K. These boys were very excited to run and had lots of fun with the warm up, although they too had the bitter cold wind against at them at the start. Bradley ran super fast, coming in first, with Dylan not far behind and then Corey strolling across the finish line. All in all, the boys had a great run and enjoyed the experience. For us it was a long cold day, and poor Zachary who is really our whole reason for running the races was super cold watching us. However he enjoyed a nice defrost sat in front of the fire to celebrate a good day, and one we'd like to repeat, but maybe slightly warmer next time!