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Listening Books provide an audiobook library service to adults and children who find it difficult to read or hold a book due to an illness, disability, learning or mental health difficulty.

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Listening Books tell us:

We are passionate about making books accessible to everyone and for many of our members, our audiobooks not only provide a link to the wonderful world of literature but can be a relief from pain or anxiety, lifting them out of what are often challenging circumstances. The service caters for children and adults with a wide variety of print impairments. We have a huge library of over 6,000 titles in a wide selection of genres, as well as a large educational library for those still at school. Whether you are interested in history titles, such as The Island Race by Winston Churchill, or a good fantasy novel such as the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling, we have something for everyone.

We stock many of the latest commercial bestsellers in the Listening Books catalogue from popular authors such as David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson, Stephanie Meyer and Roald Dahl with readers including Derek Jacobi, Penelope Keith, Bill Nighy and many more. We also stock some excellent titles from our patron, Stephen Fry, including his autobiography The Fry Chronicles. As Stephen says: “The companionship and delight of a voice telling stories is incomparable”.

Members can enjoy MP3 CDs delivered straight to their front door or can choose to listen to titles online via internet streaming or alternatively, can download titles to a portable device such as an iPod or smart phone via our website

It’s a fantastic service for those whose illness or learning difficulty makes it difficult or impossible to hold or concentrate on reading a book. Our subscription rates are incredibly good value at £20, £35 and £45 depending on the service required and we are able to help those that would struggle to pay the subsidised membership fee, but who could still benefit from access to the service.

If you would be able to take some leaflets or would like further information about the charity, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0207 407 9417 or at

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“I do so love LB and what it stands for in bringing the world of books to those of us who are restricted in health, movement or just can't get around so much anymore. Even in a sometimes dark world; the heart *always* lifts in joy when finding a LB's packet in the letterbox basket”

Member, Listening Books

“We use the service with older children in the learning support department who have found it difficult to access literary works that they are studying within school – particularly GCSE level. The service is used in conjunction with the class teachers and English teachers. We tend to use specific classic titles such as To Kill a Mocking Bird and Oliver Twist. I would definitely recommend Listening Books to other schools. The service has enabled the less able students to access good literature. Unabridged books, in conjunction with the actual texts, are incredibly empowering for students.”

Charlotte Harvey, Teacher, Michael Hall School

“I signed up my son for membership a couple of months ago as he was diagnosed with dyslexia last year. He is thoroughly enjoying membership. It has meant he can access books that he wouldn’t attempt to read. Listening to audiobooks has enabled him to extend his vocabulary and knowledge and has increased his interest in books.”

Kim Thornton, Mother of Member

“He has enjoyed listening to the stories over the years; he is now able to read on his own and enjoys getting stuck into a good book. Thank you for offering such a great service.”

Dawn O'Hara, Mother of Member

“A huge thank you from all at St Andrews Hospice! We now have an adults and children’s audio library in use. The patients love these books and have even had group sessions where they have listened to books. So thank you all for your help in setting this amazing company up! Patients are signing them in and out and really enjoying the different titles.”

Sarah-Jane MacDonald (Creativity Co-ordinator)

“I think your service is superb and continue to recommend it to those with reading difficulties. I enjoy your audio books and the varied choice of subjects since my reading ability deteriorated a few years ago. The absence of pressure to listen and return the CDs is also appreciated.”

Member, Listening Books